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SIM STRUMENTI SNC, joining the modern technology and the long experience of his technical staff, develops and produces measuring instrumentations, with the objective of solving, also with products custom-built, all the problems in the geotechnical, idrogeological and environmental monitoring as well as the static and dynamic control of the overtop structures. The instruments produced, can monitor continuously the work progress, allowing its continuance with great security and, if necessary, signaling dangerous states. The devices are developed for long time endurance and for monitoring, after works are ended, the long term stability of the structures. SIM further enriches his products range with applicational softwares, capable of organizing, saving, processing, printing and displaying the data recorded in the field.
SIM is specialized particularly in the following fields:

Static and dynamic instrumentation for industrial plants
Instrumentation for field testing and load testing
Instrumentation for monitoring of continuous digging works and ground consolidation
Instruments and systems for water level measurement and aquifers contamination
Automatic instruments and system for monitoring of marine coasts
Infrastructures monitoring (roads, highways, dams, tunnels, bridges etc.)
Environmental monitoring - acoustic and chemical
Instruments for continuous monitoring of civil buildings

Besides the standard instrumentation, SIM designs and develops custom measuring devices. The engineers are at the client disposal for developing and optimizing the monitoring systems. The technical department furnishes all the support needed to ensure easy installation and efficiency of the systems and attendance of data monitored.

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