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Readout units
The manual readout unit is a compact and light reading system, connectable to the whole range of instruments. Equipped with a membrane keyboard and an LCD display that visualize besides the instrument data also the maximum and minimum values. The unit also has two input channels, the HOLD and the OFFSET function, and the possibility to memorize up to 99 data comprehensive of date and time, as well as a 4-digit tag for the easy identification of the performed measurement. The unit has eight GAINS for the conversion of the data into physical units (one fixed and 7 programmable).

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The data acquisition system delivered with the inclinometer probe. It allows the operator, through a keyboard and an LCD display, to set, read and record data during the measurements. The data can be recorded in two simple ways: in manual mode, using a pulse-button (trigger), and in automatic-timed mode. The readout unit has a RS232 serial port allowing its connection to a PC, for setting the data into the unit and for the transfer of the stored measurements.

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Is a compact and economic data logger meeting all field requirements and a perfect match to all SIM instruments. The Minilog is power-supplied by a 9V battery, covering power supply of all connected instruments as well. The internal battery is guaranteed to endure 7 years in standby mode. The acquisition time interval is programmable from 10 seconds to 24 hours. The function "Superfast" permits to acquire one channel in 2 data per second frequency. SIM offers a special "Switch" that can be attached to the Minilog in order to connect eight Minilog data loggers, achieving 32 channels. Minilog software supplied with the data logger enables a perfect management of all parameters as well as on-site data elaboration.

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The data logger NATUN1 through a single RS232 line can be connected up to 64 NATUN units. The serial port can be connected also to a modem, in order to allow setting and data transfer from distance. The NATUN1 is equipped with a keyboard and a back lighted LCD display allowing the user to set and to read the data without the necessity of a portable computer. The data acquisition system NATUN1 comes with a software that allows through a computer to fulfill all the operation needed: setting, data transfer, channel read out etc.

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